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About us

For most people, buying a property is one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right partner and we’re happy you’ve stopped by to see what we offer. You’ll get to know a real estate boutique that is also prepared to make a big investment, namely in the quality of our efforts to turn your ideas into action.

About us
What we do
Erlenburg Immobilien AG was founded in 2012 on exceptionally strong financial foundations. As can be appreciated from the number of reference properties in our portfolio, we are a boutique real estate company that focuses on select premium projects in the areas of home ownership, rental apartments and office space rather than on mass business. An agile team of proven specialists operates in all disciplines – from the purchase of land and project management, to all-inclusive construction management with corresponding consulting and sales services. We also provide a tailored after-care service upon conclusion of the project, something of a rarity in our line of business.

Architects that work with us attest to our attention to detail. For example, we revise the planning for every project additionally in-house so that it meets our quality aspirations. Use of double-layer brick walls are standard policy, while top-quality materials and bespoke interior fittings are a must for every project. Frequent use of natural stone is an expression of the robustness of our buildings – and it also references the strength to which our company name alludes.
Our strength
As the saying goes: strength is borne of calmness. It’s an attitude to business that sets us apart. We are in the fortunate position to be able to invest the time that is required in each and every stage of a project. We don’t shy away from a second or even third round of planning if that’s what a project takes. For the sake of quality and in the interest of our customers, we believe that it’s always better to take another look at an optimum solution if there is a chance of turning it into the ideal solution.

A willingness to go the extra mile applies to our advisory service, too. Your personal contact at Erlenburg will accompany, advise and inform you every step of the way, from the initial talks to handing over the keys to your property – and he or she will still be there for you when other real estate companies have long since turned their attention to the next customer.

Your advisor will remain in close, daily contact with everyone involved in the project and will respond to any queries and issues you have quickly and precisely. From changes to the floor plan and interior design to relocating individual power sockets, your contact is always on the ball. Our support and advisory concept is a time-consuming process; but investing the time to deal with issues in the current project and to address the aspirations of our customers is a matter of course for us and a crucial element of the partnership with them.

And on the subject of elements: each and every one of our bespoke properties is given a discreet hallmark – a panel of natural stone bearing an inscription of our logo. “Your home is your Erlenburg castle”.
Who we work with
Erlenburg Immobilien collaborates with a trusted pool of architects and suppliers. We are not obligated to any of our partners and are fully autonomous in the decisions we make. When awarding contracts, we focus exclusively on the specific requirements of the construction project. And our customers are equally free as regards the decision-making process: although we might recommend certain design and development options as part of our advisory service, the customer always has the last word. And by the way: we periodically review our architect and supplier relationships, optimizing them where necessary.

Die Zusammenarbeit mit uns sämtlichen Projektinvolvierten gestalten wir bewusst sehr eng. Einerseits, um die präzise Umsetzung der Vorstellungen unserer Kunden sicherzustellen, andererseits, um sie jederzeit über den genauen Stand der Dinge informieren zu können. Deshalb ist die persönliche Ansprechperson während der Entstehungsphase tagtäglich auf der Baustelle vor Ort, wo Stück um Stück Qualität und Ästhetik aufeinandergeschichtet wird – zu einer einzigartigen neuen Wohnform, in der die Besitzer das Privileg geniessen, ihre Zeit verbringen zu können.
  • Weidstrasse, Rüschlikon

Erlenburg Immobilien boasts a small yet flexible team of select specialists. Erlenburg are qualified real estate specialists who not only know their trade inside out, but also understand the individual wishes of their customers.


Roland Kunz
Managing Director
Daniel Ammann
Head of Project Development
Simon Beerli
Project Management
Philipp Ammann
Junior Construction Manager since 01.2016
Corina Huber
Project Management/Assistant to the MD
Esat Alimi
Real Estate Adviser

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