Welcome to Erlenburg Immobilien. We develop and construct real estate properties out of one of the most valuable raw materials in existence: time. In fact, lots of time: time we spend on sound planning and high-quality implementation. Time we spend on listening to your ideas about premium living standards.

A modern architecture that outlives trends. Construction that brings together sustainability and solidity under a single roof. And an advisory service that goes much further than standard support – to this we aspire.


We are a small company. Agile, personal, almost informal. Growth is not our main objective and profit not our primary philosophy. On the contrary, we strive for coherent planning while focussing on highly professional building management and offering a form of support that not only records your wishes but actually implements them. All this from a single partner who will accompany you throughout the entire process, from start to finish. With an abundance of know-how. And all the time in the world.


Belmont, Rüschlikon

A new building is being planed in Rüschlikon, comprising four commonhold flats with between 3.5 and 6.0 rooms. Highlights: A complete floor reserved for each flat, panoramic view, large windows look out onto the lake.
MFH Sempacherstrasse, Zurich

An apartment building with four rented flats in an ownership structure is under construction in the popular Hirslanden district of Zurich. The flats will have between 3.5 and 5.5 rooms. Highlights: A complete floor reserved for each flat, ceiling heights of 2.55 m, roof terrace with sweeping views of Zurich.
One & Only Kilchberg

The One & Only in Kilchberg offers a first-class living experience, enjoy a phenomenal view. We are already building the four condominiums and a single-family house. Experience the highest living comfort in one of the most popular communities around Lake Zurich.


"Palais im Aegertli"

"Palais am Park"


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